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Load Configuration

Predefined Load Selection

There are two methods for configuring the load: Predefined Load and Custom Load. However, both methods share two common elements: the total iteration count and the total test duration. Let's familiarize ourselves with these elements first.

Iteration Count

The Scenario is composed of a series of Steps that are executed in order. The term "iteration count" refers to the number of times the entire Scenario is executed. While some might call this the run or transaction count, we prefer to use "iteration count."

It's important to clarify that the iteration count is distinct from the request count. The relationship between these two depends on the number of Steps in the Scenario. For instance, if a Scenario contains three Steps and has an iteration count of 100, the total request count would be 300 (100 iterations multiplied by 3 Steps).


The Duration simply indicates the total length of the test in seconds, without any hidden significance.


Good to know: You can see the maximum test duration you can supply at the bottom of the Duration label.

Predefined Load

The predefined load is designed to save you time on setup. Simply input the Iteration count and Duration, then choose one of the load types. That's all it takes. Anteon offers 3 unique load types for various scenarios:

Linear Load

With a linear load, the iteration count remains constant every second. For example, if the iteration count is 100 and Duration is 10 seconds, Anteon will execute 10 iterations per second.

Incremental Load

In contrast to the linear load, the iteration count increases each second in this load type.

Waved Load

Real-life traffic doesn't follow a consistent pattern, with both busy and quiet periods. To replicate this type of load, Anteon provides the waved load option.

Custom Load

Anteon comes with pre-defined load types for convenience, but you might want to design your own load type. Using the Custom Load Type Builder, you can set the number of iterations for specific time intervals. To view the load profile you've created, check the Load Preview section, which is situated to the right of the pane.

Custom Load Selection