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🎊 We've changed our name from Ddosify to Anteon! 🚀

AWS (Amazon Web Services) Marketplace

Anteon Performance Testing Community Edition is a versatile, high-performance testing tool designed for both public and private endpoints within your AWS infrastructure. It is self-hosted, providing complete control over your testing environment, seamlessly integrating with AWS for an optimal blend of scalability and security. Its strength lies in its roots, built upon a robust open-source load engine that you can explore at

You can deploy Anteon Self Hosted on your AWS (Amazon Web Services) account as an EC2 instance and perform performance testing on your private endpoints easily.


Anteon Performance Testing Community Edition is available on AWS Marketplace. Click Continue to Subscribe button.

Anteon Performance Testing Community Edition on AWS Marketplace

Click Accept Terms button.

After a few minutes, the application will be ready to launch. After the application is ready, Click Continue to Configuration button.

Select any AWS Region to launch the EC2 instance. Anteon supports all of the AWS regions. In this example, Zurich is selected as the region. Click Continue to Launch button.

You can see the Usage Instructions of Anteon. Make sure to:

  • Select EC2 Instance Type (c5.xlarge, c5.2xlarge). c5.2xlarge is recommended.
  • Select or Create VPC and Subnet.
  • Create New Based On Seller Settings security groups. Give it a Name, Description and click the Save button.
    • 8014 is used for application access.
    • 22 is used for SSH access to the EC2 instance.
  • Select or Create Key Pairs.

Click the Launch button.

AWS Ddosify Product Page

Now you can see your Subscriptions on AWS Subscriptions Page. Click the Manage button.

AWS manage button

Access the Application

Click the View instances button to see the deployed EC2 instance.

AWS view instances button

You can see the Instance ID for Anteon. Click the Access software link to access Anteon Performance Testing Community Edition.

AWS Instances

Congratulations! 🎉 Anteon Performance Testing Community Edition has been successfully deployed on your AWS account. You have complete control over the Anteon EC2 instance and it will be billed directly to your AWS account.

Anteon Performance Testing Community Edition

Performance Testing on AWS Private Endpoint

Let's say we have an internal nginx server running on port 8090 and we want to conduct performance testing without making any ports accessible to the outside world. Fortunately, we have deployed Anteon Performance Testing Community Edition on our AWS account so that we can restrict access to only Anteon EC2 on the Security Groups.

On the target EC2 instance (nginx:8090) security groups, add an Inbound Rule:

  • Type: Custom TCP
  • Port Range: 8090
  • Source: Custom - anteon_aws_marketplace_sg... (Anteon EC2 Instance Security Group)
  • Description: Allow access from Anteon Performance Testing Community Edition

Click the Save rules button.

Get Private IPv4 address on AWS

Copy the target EC2 instance (nginx:8090) private IPv4 Address from the EC2 detail.

Get Private IPv4 address on AWS - 2

Open Anteon Performance Testing Community Edition and Click the New Load Test button.

Target and Debug Modal

Type as the target and Click Debug button.

Debug Scenario

As you can see, Anteon successfully accessed the private nginx server by sending a GET request. Close the Debug modal and click Next. Then Configure the Load. Click Next and type a Test Name and click the Start Instant Test button.

Test Results

Anteon performed a successful performance testing to a private endpoint with 1200 iterations for 1 minute.