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🎊 We've changed our name from Ddosify to Anteon! 🚀

What is Anteon?


What is Anteon?

Anteon is an open-source Kubernetes Monitoring and Performance Testing platform .

🔎 Kubernetes Monitoring:

  • Automatic Service Map Creation: Anteon automatically creates a service map of your cluster without code instrumentation or sidecars. So you can easily find the bottlenecks in your system.
  • Performance Insights: It helps you spot issues like services taking too long to respond or slow SQL queries.
  • Real-Time Metrics: The platform tracks and displays live data on your cluster instances CPU, memory, disk, and network usage.
  • Ease of Use: You don't need to change any code, restart services, or add extra components (like sidecars) to get these insights, thanks to the eBPF technology.
  • Alerts for Anomalies: If something unusual, like a sudden increase in CPU usage, happens in your Kubernetes (K8s) cluster, Anteon immediately sends alerts to your Slack.

🔨 Performance Testing:

  • Multi-Location Based: Generate load/performance tests from over 25 countries worldwide.
  • Easy Scenario Builder: Create test scenarios easily without writing any code.
  • Seamless Integration with Kubernetes Monitoring: Performance testing is natively integrated with Kubernetes monitoring for a unified experience.
  • Postman Integration: Import tests directly from Postman, making it convenient for those already using Postman for API development and testing.
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Anteon Stack

Anteon Stack consists of 4 parts:

Anteon Stack

🚀 Anteon Engine

Anteon Engine is the load engine, written in Golang. It's a CLI load-testing tool. Anteon Self-Hosted and Anteon Cloud use it under the hood for load generation. It is fully open-source and can be used on the CLI as a standalone tool. It has \8K+ GitHub Stars. Anteon Engine is available via Docker, Docker Extension, Homebrew Tap, and downloadable pre-compiled binaries from the releases page for macOS, Linux, and Windows.

Check out our GitHub Page for more information and usage.

🐝 Anteon eBPF Agent (Alaz)

Alaz is an open-source Anteon eBPF agent that can inspect and collect Kubernetes (K8s) service traffic without needing code instrumentation, sidecars, or service restarts. Alaz is deployed as a DaemonSet on your Kubernetes cluster. It collects metrics and service traffic and then sends them to Anteon Cloud or Anteon Self-Hosted. It is also Prometheus compatible, so that you can use it as a standalone tool.

Check out the Alaz repository for more information and usage.

🏠 Anteon Self-Hosted

Anteon Self-Hosted features a web-based user interface, Performance Testing, and Kubernetes Monitoring capabilities. You can add your servers as Load Engines to the platform for distributed performance testing. While it shares many of the same functionalities as Anteon Cloud, the Self-Hosted version is designed to be deployed within your infrastructure for enhanced control and customization.

It has two versions: Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE). You can see the differences in the below comparison table.

Check out our GitHub Page for more information and usage.

☁️ Anteon Cloud

Anteon Cloud features a SaaS, web-based user interface, multi-location-based Performance Testing, and Kubernetes Monitoring. Anyone can test the performance of backend endpoints, monitor Kubernetes Clusters, and find the bottlenecks in the system. It has a simple/no code UI, insightful charts, service maps, and more features.

With Anteon Cloud, you can generate traffic to your endpoints from 25+ countries without code or scripting.

Check out Anteon Cloud to find the performance issues on your system instantly.

Comparison of Anteon Cloud, Self-Hosted EE, Self-Hosted CE

Anteon CloudAnteon Self-Hosted (EE)Anteon Self-Hosted (CE)
✅ Kubernetes Monitoring✅ Kubernetes Monitoring✅ Kubernetes Monitoring
✅ Alerts✅ Alerts Alerts
✅ Distributed Load Testing✅ Distributed Load Testing

✅ Distributed Load Testing

✅ Assertion, Correlation, Test Data, Debugging✅ Assertion, Correlation, Test Data, Debugging✅ Assertion, Correlation, Test Data, Debugging
✅ Insightful Test Reports✅ Insightful Test Reports✅ Insightful Test Reports
✅ Postman Import✅ Postman Import✅ Postman Import
✅ Team Plan✅ Team Plan Team Plan
✅ API Integration✅ API Integration API Integration
✅ Global Load Zones Load zones deployed by you Load zones deployed by you
✅ City-level Latency Testing City-level Latency Testing City-level Latency Testing

CE: Community Edition

EE: Enterprise Edition