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🎊 We've changed our name from Ddosify to Anteon! 🚀

🔎 Kubernetes Monitoring

If you have a Kubernetes Cluster that you want to observe, look no further. Anteon Observability allows you to monitor your Kubernetes Clusters with nearly zero manual effort. You only need to run our open-source eBPF agent (Alaz) as a DaemonSet on your Kubernetes cluster. Anteon will handle the rest of the work and Service Map, Metrics Dashboard and Distributed Tracing will be available on Anteon UI.

Service Map

Service Map allows you to view the interactions between the resources in your K8s Cluster. Here, you can take a look at the requests sent, their latency, RPS and many more. You can also filter them however you want to get the insights you require.

Anteon Kubernetes Service Map
Anteon Kubernetes Service Map


Metrics allow you to view statistics about your K8s instances such as CPU/Memory/Disk usage. You can also see their change over time and apply time filtering if you want to take a look at a specific time interval.

Anteon Kubernetes Metrics
Anteon Kubernetes Metrics

Distributed Tracing

Distributed tracing allows you to trace the requests sent inside your cluster without needing any custom span generation or manual instrumentation. Here, you are able to view which requests triggered which ones and their durations alongside their call hierarchy.


Kubernetes Monitoring section of the Anteon Stack is available on both Anteon Self-Hosted or Anteon Cloud.