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🎊 We've changed our name from Ddosify to Anteon! 🚀
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At Anteon, we're passionate about boosting startup innovation by making Kubernetes monitoring straightforward, freeing up more time for your crucial DevOps and coding projects.
Kürşat Aktaş's profile picture

Kürşat Aktaş

CEO & Co-Founder

Loves to build products that solve real problems. Has a BSc degree in computer science, but defines himself first as an entrepreneur and then as an engineer.

Fatih Baltacı's profile picture

Fatih Baltacı

CTO & Co-Founder

Open source enthusiast and holds MSc and BSc degrees in computer science. Passionate about Python and Go, specializing in DevOps, and Kubernetes.

Kenan Faruk Çakır's profile picture

Kenan Faruk Çakır

Backend Engineer

Solid experience on Platform Engineering and Distibuted Systems. Currently developing an eBPF agent for Anteon platform. Linux&Go lover.

Semih Özden's profile picture

Semih Özden

Frontend Engineer

Frontend Engineer with a passion for building beautiful and user-friendly interfaces in Agile environments. Passionate about web performance and accessibility. React.js & Next.js enthusiast.

Ozan Can Akın's profile picture

Ozan Can Akın

Full-Stack Engineer

Strong foundation in frontend development and newfound passion for full-stack engineering. Working on Anteon Cloud and Self-hosted products.

Aral Yekta Yarımca's profile picture

Aral Yekta Yarımca

Backend Engineer

Backend Engineer with both academic & professional background. Interested in distributed systems and currently working on the backend infrastructure of Anteon.

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