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🎊 We've changed our name from Ddosify to Anteon! 🚀

🚀 Getting Started

detect high latency service calls
Anteon detects high latency service calls on your K8s cluster

Anteon Features

Kubernetes Monitoring

Effortlessly visualize Kubernetes clusters as Service Map. Inspect HTTP latencies, find idle services, and get actionable insights.

No-code Performance Testing,

You can create complex and realistic user flows on Anteon's No-code UI. Here are the list of key concepts on Anteon's No-code UI.

Detailed Reporting

Insightful reports and charts to improve your observations. Analyze the failed requests on UI.

Latency Testing

Evaluate the latency of your endpoints with detailed city-level analysis. Schedule regular latency tests to monitor your endpoint's performance over time. Utilize our powerful API to seamlessly incorporate the collected latency data into your existing systems.

How to start

➡️ Follow the kubernetes-monitoring section to learn about effortless Kubernetes Monitoring using eBPF.

➡️ To understand how to set up no-code Performance/Load Testing using Anteon Cloud or Anteon Self-hosted, check performance-testing.